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Simple, affordable prices for reliable home maintenance.

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What's included?

6 month home visits

A trusted House Manager will visit your home every six months to perform safety checks, provide consultations, and take care of minor items on your to-do-list. After each visit, you will get a home health report and can quickly follow-up on any items that need service.

Discounted hourly rate for home services

We offer on-demand maintenance, repair, and installation services at a flat rate of $ / hour.

Itemized inventory of your home

At the first visit, your House Manager will create an inventory of all appliances in your home that will be available to you - from your furnace to the HVAC system and anything else serviced. Should anything go wrong, we’ll know what parts to bring so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Access to a trusted House Manager

Communicate directly with the House Manager team to get your questions answered.

What Members Are Saying

“It’s worth the price. The initial inspection of the house was so thorough and impressive. We are very pleased with the price per hour way that this is set up.”

- Janet S.
Homeowner, Berkeley

“House Manager is comparably priced and offers more than the previous home warranty membership that I had.”

- Barbette F.
Homeowner, Pinole

“It’s worth the price to me because I am crossing stuff off my to do list, and saving time from researching different types of professionals to tackle my different types of job.”

- Michelle A.
Homeowner, Berkeley