Starting at $435/year

If you’re unhappy with the service after your first visit, we’ll refund you 100% money back.

< 2,500 sq ft
2,501-3,800 sq ft
> 3,800 sq ft

What's included?

Bi-annual service visits

A trusted House Manager will visit your home every six months to perform safety checks, provide consultations, and take care of minor items on your to-do list.

After each visit, you will get a home health report and can quickly follow-up on any items that need service.

$89/hour on-demand service

We offer on-demand maintenance, repair, and installation services at a flat rate of $89 /hour.

Itemized inventory of your home

At the first visit, your House Manager will create an inventory of all appliances in your home that will be available to you - from your furnace to the HVAC system and anything else serviced.

Should anything go wrong, we’ll know what parts to bring so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Access to a trusted House Manager

Chat directly with the House Manager team to get your questions answered.

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