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Our House Manager team will arrive to assess, address and perform your home maintenance needs from top to bottom. We take the hassle out of caring for your home. Find a full list of our services here.

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The app shows you what we’ve done and any recommended repairs we noticed while in your home. We’ll return to change your home’s custom filters (from furnace to fridge) and perform any additional services you have requested. From gutter cleaning to fixing leaks, we’re your partner in your home.

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Gone are the days of searching for hours for the right person for the job. AAA House Manager takes the hassle out of home maintenance, giving you time back for the important things in life.


Top to bottom service visit:
  • Catalog HVAC systems, water heater, washer and dryer and determine maintenance needs
  • Identify filter needs for furnace, air conditioners, refrigerators, and water filtration systems*
  • Service smoke and CO monitors
  • 5-point toilet tuneup
  • Interior faucet leak and drainage check
  • 3-point water heater service
  • Evaluate interior caulking for signs of mold, mildew, and wear
  • Service refrigerator compressor coils
  • GFCI breaker test
  • Dryer-vent cleanout
  • Safety check of steps, decks, and railings
  • Evaluate condition of visible roof shingles and flashing
  • Assess eaves, soffits, and siding for signs of pest intrusion
  • Evaluate hose bibs and exterior pipes
  • Check foundation drains, downspouts, and proper grading
  • Monitor exterior siding and trim for signs of wear
Follow up visits:
  • Change furnace, air-conditioning, refrigerator, and water filters*
  • Optional gutter cleaning
  • Any approved or requested repairs
  • Return every 6 months for routine care
*Additional cost applies for parts and optional services
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