A single point of contact for your home maintenance needs.

Our AAA certified team takes care of your house, so you can enjoy life.

AAA House Manager Membership

House Manager is a membership-based home maintenance service provided by AAA that offers home repairs and preventative maintenance.

Access to the House Manager team
On-demand services at a flat hourly rate
Custom home health report
Check off your maintenance to-do list
Safety checks & tune ups
Itemized inventory of all appliances

Included in your Membership are two visits per year, where we perform safety checks, provide consultations, and fix minor items on your to-do list. Some of these items include: tightening loose fixtures, caulking small spots, cleaning out the dryer vent, and more. We replace filters, check smoke detectors, and monitor risky areas to help make sure small problems don’t turn into big ones. If anything comes up between visits, you can simply schedule an on-demand service.

Starting from $40/month

What we can do for you

See our full list of services

Home Services

From fixing plumbing issues to cleaning gutters, our in-house team can handle it.

Connected Home

Whether it’s adding an Alexa or installing smart lights, our team will have your back.

Home Improvement

Looking to start a new project? We can install new doors, upgrade your fixtures, plus more.

New Homeowner

New homeowners have it hard. We help you get set up by hanging art, repairing your deck and everything in between.

Starting from $40/month

How it works...

Easily schedule an appointment and tell us what you need.
Your House Manager will arrive to check off your to-do list.
See your home health report and follow-up on any upcoming tasks.

The AAA Guarantee

Trusted by millions in the USA

Rest Easy - you’ve got AAA’s legendary service guarantee. If you’re not satisfied we’ll refund you 100% money back.

Trusted by homeowners

"It's nice to know there is a company that can be there in a pinch when accidents happen and things don't go as planned."
Jennifer R
Homeowner, Oakland
"Finally, someone is caring for the house who actually knows what they're doing."
Hilary C
Homeowner, Piedmont
"It's much easier for me and my husband to request a task rather than putting home maintenance projects off on one another."
Bridget S
Homeowner, Piedmont